Harold Shay
Harold prefers the quiet life to the corporate world he left in 2008. "I love the commute," he says as he recalls (in the rear-view mirror) those daily drives through downtown Phoenix traffic one hour each way. These days Harold treks across a 3/4 acre patch to his workshop (actually his son's workshop on an adjoining 3/4 acre) and works full time building his thriving outdoor wood furniture business, ARIZONA ADIRONDACK and his ever-popular Adirondack chairs. For Harold, this isn't a hobby, it's a business.
Adirondack Chairs
Handbuilt in Glendale, AZ 
One Chair at a Time

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We Deliver and Ship

We personally deliver to most locations within the State of Arizona. Our delivery fees are based upon distance and accessibility and are kept as low as reasonably possible. Please inquire about costs when considering your order. 

We ship to most areas in the continental United States. In regards to our use of third party shippers we do NOT add an upcharge to our shipping fees. They are set with the shipper and costs are out of our control.

We ship our furniture fully assembled and will provide a firm bid once we have your exact shipping location. If you choose to arrange for your own shipping, we are happy to work with you. Just give us the details, and we will make the furniture order available to the shipper of your choice.

When shipping your fully assembled Adirondack chairs, we use a professional trucking company that handles your furniture in the most careful way possible.

Now unpack, have a seat, and enjoy.

Batteries not included!!
-- Inquire about our partially assembled option for our chairs and accessory tables. If you or someone you know has a DYI outlook, it is a great way to cut your transport costs.